How Victrola achieved 93.6x

total impact value in 60 days

No, the 93.6 TIV is not a typo. This renowned global brand, specializing in audio and record players, transformed their ambassador program into a large-scale content creation powerhouse by leveraging Zealot's Ambassador Program.

In 60 Days...


Program Ambassadors


Completed Missions


Program's Total Impact Value (Yes, you read that right)
What they needed



•Boost Engagement: Launched the program to empower fans to promote No Cow and drive sales through social networks.
Simplify Management: Addressed past inefficiencies with manual tracking and communication by streamlining operations.
Enhance Efficiency: Aimed for a scalable, engaging program that eliminates manual tasks and fosters direct brand-ambassador relationships.

how we helped

The Victrola

Ambassador Program

Advocacy-Driven Growth: No Cow's program scaled effectively, unlocking new revenue with a unified platform.
Zealot Platform Utilization: Odyssey leveraged Zealot to amplify advocacy and introduce gamification, aiming for wide-scale brand promotion.
Exclusive Data Insights: NoCow tracks referral sales automatically while being worry-free about Honey
Content & Incentives: No Cow efficiently managed hundreds of ambassadors, enhancing brand awareness and referral sales through user-generated content and incentives.

How Zealot helped


The Zealot


Revenue & Scale: No Cow's program scaled effectively, unlocking new revenue with a unified platform.
Data & Performance Driven: Zealot's exclusive Meta and TikTok partnerships provide NoCow with precise ambassador data, ensuring incentives for performance
Discount Codes & Links: NoCow tracks referral sales automatically while being worry-free about Honey
Content & Incentives: No Cow efficiently managed hundreds of ambassadors, enhancing brand awareness and referral sales through user-generated content and incentives.

The results

What Victrola

Has Achieved (So Far)

Odyssey has established a cost-efficient pathway to cultivate an authentic community via their Ambassador program.
In 60 days they've achieved:

300+ Active members in their Ambassador Program
•250+ Missions Completed by the program members (including UGC, Social Posts, and Product Surveys).
•96.6x Total Impact Value within the program (including referral sales and content)

"Incorporating Zealot into our strategy was a game-changer, shifting our focus to rewards based on performance and unleashing a flood of premium content. It's an indispensable asset for brands looking to elevate their operational effectiveness and achieve remarkable results."

Becca Reder
Social Media Manager @ Victrola

“Their work has significantly reduced my stress in having to imagine, design, then implement a new design language for the business.”

Greg Barbosa
Agency owner, Teller

“High quality work, responsiveness, and most of all, very valuable feedback and advice that we appreciated.”

Jordan Jadallah
Finance, TYTO

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All Your Questions,


Here are some common questions Victrola received about their new Ambassador program. We collected and included them here to answer any questions.  

Can you tell us why Victrola decided to partner with Zealot for ambassador management?
Victrola's Response:

Absolutely! At Victrola, we've always believed in the power of community and the authentic connections our brand can make with music lovers worldwide. We decided to partner with Zealot because their platform offered us a gamified, data-driven, and frictionless way to manage our brand ambassadors. Their approach aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a passionate community around our vintage-inspired record players and audio products.
How has Zealot's platform changed the way you manage your ambassadors?
Victrola's Response:

There are several, but a few stand out. First, the gamified approach with missions, points, and leaderboards has significantly increased engagement among our ambassadors. They're more active and motivated to share their love for Victrola with their networks. Second, the ability to manage and communicate with ambassadors through text has made our interactions more personal and direct. Lastly, the social analytics feature is a game-changer. It allows us to measure the impact of our ambassador activities without requiring them to connect their social accounts, which respects their privacy while still giving us valuable insights.
Can you share a success story from using Zealot with your ambassadors?
Victrola's Response:

Of course! One of our most memorable success stories involved a campaign where we asked our ambassadors to share their favorite vinyl listening moments with their Victrola turntables. Using Zealot's survey mission feature, we collected stories and photos, which we then featured in our marketing materials. The engagement was through the roof, and it brought our community even closer. It felt like a collective celebration of music and nostalgia, driving significant brand awareness and sales.
What makes Zealot uniquely suited for a company like Victrola?
Victrola's Response:

Zealot's platform is uniquely suited for Victrola because it mirrors our values of community, innovation, and customer-centricity. Their gamified and personalized approach to ambassador management not only aligns with our brand's playful and nostalgic essence but also drives real, measurable results. Their seamless integration, ease of use, and the strategic partnership with platforms like Meta and TikTok for frictionless social data collection are just icing on the cake.
Finally, looking forward, how do you see the partnership with Zealot evolving?
Victrola's Response:

We're incredibly excited about the future of our partnership with Zealot. We're especially looking forward to exploring their upcoming features like social/sales listening and AI mission generation. These tools will enable us to deepen our engagement with our community and discover new ways to collaborate with our ambassadors. As we continue to innovate in the audio space, Zealot's evolving platform will undoubtedly play a key role in amplifying our brand's voice and mission.


case study

Sephora adds gamified experience to Beauty Insider loyalty program in appeal to Gen Z

The Story

Sephora, a leading beauty retailer, has implemented a revolutionary gamified loyalty program aimed at engaging Gen Z consumers. With the introduction of "Beauty Insider Challenges," Sephora has embraced a next-gen approach that rewards customer engagement through innovative and interactive experiences.
The Need To Revamp Their Loyalty Program

Program Objectives

Sephora's goal with the "Beauty Insider Challenges" was to revamp their loyalty program to captivate and maintain the attention of Gen Z consumers by incorporating gamification. They aimed to shift from a traditional transaction-based loyalty approach to an experience-driven model that resonates with the digital and interactive inclinations of this younger demographic.

Pain Points

Previous Hurdles

Sephora faced the challenge of refreshing its loyalty program to attract Gen Z, a demographic known for valuing experiences over transactions. The traditional "spend-and-earn" model needed an overhaul to resonate with the digital-savvy and game-oriented behaviors of this generation.

The Solution

The Solution

Sephora responded by launching the "Beauty Insider Challenges," an industry-first feature within its Beauty Insider loyalty program. The challenges are designed to engage members with both purchase-related and non-purchase-related tasks, accessible across all membership tiers.

Gamifying loyalty leads to massive success for Sephora:

The gamified loyalty program resulted in heightened engagement, as demonstrated by a 30% increase in Beauty Insider membership since 2020.

LVMH, Sephora's parent company, reported improved sales and margins for the brand. The strategy has also been supported by industry research, which correlates gamification with significant rises in engagement, brand loyalty, and brand awareness.

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