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Your customers are your best salespeople. Mobilize them to accelerate pipeline velocity, enhance retention, and boost referrals.

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Grow your brand with people.

Zealot enables you to mobilize your employees, customers, and industry experts with just a few clicks, boosting engagement, sales, and growth.

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trusted by hundreds of enterprise companies and brands:

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Drive growth

Scale the voices of your "Zealots" to drive growth

Engage advocates with personalized missions and rewards

"It's like throwing everyone into a bucket and mobilizing them with gamified missions & rewards that drive ROI"
Elena Parsons
Customer Advocacy Specialist, Invoice2go
Why Zealot?

Unlock hidden revenue in your CRM

From hidden ambassadors to TAM expansion, make the most out of your existing customers

1. Identify instantly
Find and invite hidden advocates across various touch-points like your CRM, social media, product analytics. review sites, communities and more.
2. Mobilize at scale
Motivate advocates with gamified, personalized missions directly integrated into their customer experience to boost ROI through referrals, social posts, and reviews.
3. Report on ROI
Prove the ROI to your CFO by simplifying how you track and report activities directly connected to your CRM and marketing tools.
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Trusted by top brands globally

why zealot?

Zealot is the first B2B marketing tool that allows you to directly mobilize your customers, employees, and industry experts through gamification, and turn them into an extension of your sales team, driving you more impressions, leads and overall growth.

Zealot for your customers

Empower your customers to become your most effective marketers.

Use Zealot to transform satisfied customers into active marketers, amplifying your brand's reach and authenticity effortlessly.

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Customer Advocacy

Utilize Zealot to amplify client testimonials, boosting your product's credibility and extending your market presence.

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Ease of Integrations

Enhance your brand’s visibility with Zealot's seamless integrations for social advocacy, connecting directly with your company.

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Loyalty Incentives

Use Zealot to reward client loyalty and referrals, strengthening relationships and enhancing user retention for your product.

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Zealot for B2B

Don't just take our word. Take theirs.

Megan Hailey

Zealot helps us bring structure and automate our advocate program which was 100% manual before - this saves us time and helps advocates keep track of their missions, points & referrals all through their portal which is more motivating for them.

Becca Reder

Zealot has streamlined our advocacy program, helping us engage customers with targeted missions like case studies, UGC submissions, references, and more, while also allowing us to uncover enthusiastic advocates and reward them with simplicity.

Katie Flanders

Creating gamified missions like UGC, sales, & surveys in one spot makes connecting with our community easy & authentic. Now, they can choose missions they're excited about, boosting both participation & ROI.

technology you'll love

Finally, a platform that makes spreadsheets obsolete

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Consolidate your tech stack

Replace 6 tools, reduce costs by 60%, and save time with a single advocacy platform

Gamified Activations
Tools for engaging advocates like missions, leaderboards, and rewards
AI-Powered Insights
Integrated analytics dashboard that tracks ROI and allows for automated reporting
Personalization & Targeting
Targeting options for campaigns to specific users or groups
Dedicated CS Team
Benefit from a specialized team focused on helping manage your account.
Custom Tailored Features
Tailored solutions to fit your unique business needs
Enterprise Security
Ensure security of your data and user interactions with robust enterprise-grade security measures
Fully Managed Services
Our fully managed services seamlessly extend your team, enhancing efficiency and focus.
Free white-glove onboarding and migration.

Integrate with your existing stack

Easily track and report on program ROI, while seamlessly integrating with your CRM to enhance the customer journey.

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Make the most out of every customer today!

Accelerate your company's growth with a platform that finally understands your needs.