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Zealot makes it easy for you to build a strong community of ambassadors and affiliates. They'll help spread the word about your brand and drive sales by sharing their own content and referring others

"Zealot has made it a lot easier to keep our ambassadors engaged. Helping us incentivize word-of-mouth marketing in a scalable and measurable way!"

Katie Flanders
Brand Manager, No Cow

“Their work has significantly reduced my stress in having to imagine, design, then implement a new design language for the business.”

Greg Barbosa
Agency owner, Teller

“High quality work, responsiveness, and most of all, very valuable feedback and advice that we appreciated.”

Jordan Jadallah
Finance, TYTO
getting your program going

Three easy

steps to follow

Zealot gives you everything you need to connect, engage, reward, and measure your ambassador marketing efforts.

Step one: Recruiting ambassadors

Onboard authentic

brand advocates 

Easily invite micro-influencers from your customer base to join your Ambassadors program with Zealot's intuitive application features. Embed forms on your website, share links on social media, and effortlessly organize passionate brand advocates

Step two: incentivize ambassadors

Create campaigns

that excite

Incentivize ambassadors' regular posting with unique challenges while controlling ambassador rewards. Seamlessly moderate content, and integrate across top platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Step two: incentivize ambassadors

Create Missions

and Rewards

to incentivize

Review your work in browser to see it if it work as you expect or not, get the URL after you put the app in Dispatch project.

Step 3: scale your ambassadors

Track & measure everything

in one spot

Establish a centralized hub to help streamline communication, onboarding, tasks, payments, and reporting from a single platform.

Start free, then

upgrade your package

Always start with free package, however, if you want some advanced features you can start your deploy with team or enterprise package.


Great for just personal usage and exploration
Deploy From Anyware
Command Line Interface
Basic Preview


Perfect for team project activity and usage
Deploy From Anyware
Advanced Line Interface
Custom Preview
Up To 8 Team Member
Password Protection


Perfect for large company project activityand usage
Deploy From Anyware
Advanced Line Interface
Custom Preview
Up To 8 Team Member
And Much More...

With Dispatch anyone can deploy

and share their work

Dispatch make it easier for developer to start deploying their work to the internet.

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