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NoCow launches "Plantbassador Club": A thriving community of loyal brand advocates.



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In 60 days

The Story

No Cow is a fast-growing CPG brand making plant-based protein bars, powders and other nutrition products, sold through its own website, Amazon and retailers like Whole Foods. The Company started its ambassador program as a way to drive community-led growth in a sustainable way.
The Business Challenge

Program Objectives

1) Create a frictionless sign-up process
2) Use gamification to increase word-of-mouth marketing
3) Offer personalized rewards tailored to individual customer preferences
4) Activate customers with more than one-time activities like "Follow us on Instagram" or "Join our email list".

Pain Points

Previous Hurdles

A major challenge was creating a system that genuinely engaged customers. Traditional ambassador/loyalty programs often failed to keep customers interested and active over the long term. No Cow needed a system that enhanced customer engagement with personalized experiences, while also focusing on maximizing ROI and fostering brand growth beyond just transactional interactions.

The Solution

Embracing Zealot: A New Direction

With the help of Zealot, No Cow's new Plantbassador Community Program led to increased sales, richer content, and increased valuable insights into their customer base.

With Zealot, No Cow was able to:

1. Increase engagement: Using Zealot's gamified features, No Cow was able to increase engagement without requiring more effort.

2. Remove friction: No Cow was able to onboard 100's of members, collecting 50+ pieces of authentic UGC on auto-pilot.

3. Scale their word-of-mouth marketing: With Zealot, No Cow was able to ditch their spreadsheets in favor of a platform that helped them incentivize word-of-mouth marketing in a scalable and measurable way.

Reward your customers for promoting your brand, not just purchasing from you.

Risk free. No annual contracts required. Money back guarantee.

Can you tell us more about your initial goals when you started the ambassador program in and how Zealot helped you achieve them?
No Cow's Response:
Our initial goal for starting the ambassador program in was to encourage our brand fans to share their positive experiences with No Cow and help us build brand awareness while driving new customer referrals. Zealot played a critical role in achieving these goals by providing us with a platform that streamlined our ambassador program and kept our ambassadors engaged, which was not possible before Zealot.
What specific challenges were you facing when managing your ambassador program through email and spreadsheets, and how did Zealot address those pain points?
No Cow's Response:
Managing our ambassador program through email and spreadsheets posed several challenges, including low engagement levels beyond 20 ambassadors. Zealot helped us overcome these challenges by simplifying the process of creating missions, automating various aspects of ambassador management, and reducing the manual work our team had to perform.
You saw a significant increase in referred sales and the collection of user-generated content within just 60 days after onboarding with Zealot. Can you elaborate on how Zealot played a role in this growth?
No Cow's Response:
Zealot played a significant role in the rapid growth of our ambassador program. Within just 60 days of onboarding, we welcomed nearly 200 ambassadors, collected over 50 pieces of authentic user-generated content, and even conducted a survey that led to the introduction of a new product flavor. Zealot's gamification, automation, and social engagement features were instrumental in achieving these results.
Your switch to Zealot allowed for gamifying advocacy and automating various ambassador management processes. How did these features contribute to the success of your ambassador program?
No Cow's Response:
The gamification feature of Zealot allowed us to create missions and send them to hundreds of ambassadors with a simple click, either through text or email. This made it easier for us to get our ambassadors involved in campaigns and product launches. The automation capabilities of Zealot streamlined the entire ambassador management process, including reminders, application approvals, payments, and content approvals, enhancing our efficiency.
Can you share some insights on the benefits of using Zealot to measure ROI, both in terms of referrals and earned media value (EMV) from ambassador-created content?
No Cow's Response:
Zealot provided us with the ability to measure the ROI of our ambassador program, encompassing both referrals and the earned media value (EMV) derived from content created by our ambassadors. This data-driven approach helped us evaluate the impact and effectiveness of our program accurately.
How has the scalability and ease of managing your ambassador community improved since transitioning from spreadsheets to Zealot?
No Cow's Response:
Transitioning from spreadsheets to Zealot significantly improved the scalability and ease of managing our ambassador community. We no longer needed to hire more full-time program managers, as Zealot allowed us to handle a larger number of ambassadors more efficiently.
With the success you've seen, like the introduction of a new flavor from survey insights, are there any new strategies or plans you have in mind for your ambassador program's future growth?
No Cow's Response:
Based on the success we've experienced, we plan to continue growing our program and explore placing our best ambassadors into more lucrative reward tiers. Additionally, we are looking to migrate our loyalty, ambassador, and influencer program onto the Zealot platform in the first quarter of 2024. This will further enhance our brand community's growth and engagement, with ambassadors actively contributing to brand awareness and interaction.